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Flash Why?

Note: If you have not watched the flash season 6 episode 7 avoid this post FLASH WHY DID YOU CHOOSE THIS? I never expected it. The flash has always made the right call but this is outrageous, Why did he choose his life over the world? I know its selfish but I really don’t blame […]

Crisis On Infinite Earths

The "Crisis On Infinit Earths" is a five-episode crossover coming this December and I anticipate that it is going to be THE best  DC's Greatest crossover yet and it is going to be the best because the new heros are going to be in it and so is our favourite "Legends Of Tomorrow".

DC TV Series Release Dates Updates

DC Universe TV Series Release Dates: The holidays is coming very soon and the year 2020 is almost here. We are bored to death by work, school or day time jobs but not to worry DC is here to protect us from boredome. Here so far is a list of the holiday specials from DC […]

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Here in confirmbiz we try out the best to give you the best well researched quality content. As the admin I humbly ask that you either by comments or through our contact page to give us suggestions, requests and complaints on how we serve you. And if not, it means we are doing a good […]

Choosing the best solar panel And Battery

Making the best choices when choosing solar panels and batteries. Every individual on this planet has a view on solar electricity genration but the sad thing is that all they know is that when the sun comes up your solar panel gets the energy it needs to produce electricity for the day. What they don’t […]

Solar Energy And How To Harnest It

Solar Energy First, What is Energy? Energy is the ability to do work, to exert force (a pull or a push) against an object that is moving along a definite path of certain length.   Sources Of Energy There are two main sources of energy which are the: > Non-renewable sources of energy And The […]