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Crisis On Infinite Earths

The "Crisis On Infinit Earths" is a five-episode crossover coming this December and I anticipate that it is going to be THE best  DC's Greatest crossover yet and it is going to be the best because the new heros are going to be in it and so is our favourite "Legends Of Tomorrow".

DC TV Series Release Dates Updates

DC Universe TV Series Release Dates: The holidays is coming very soon and the year 2020 is almost here. We are bored to death by work, school or day time jobs but not to worry DC is here to protect us from boredome. Here so far is a list of the holiday specials from DC […]

Krypton Download

Note: Arrangement will be from the latest season down to the oldest here in confirmbiz   Brief Intro: Krypton is a TV Series from DC that clearly explain the mysterios planet in the DC world Krypton and also exlpains in a much valued detail on the true origin of SUPERMAN and some other things such […]